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Develop a digital infotainment system


We Are Reasonable People


I helped to develop a digital infotainment system that is user friendly but most of all safe for all age groups


User Experience Design

Interface Design


Iteration 1

I started this project by accumulating data, via building a paper prototype. This paper prototype was a foundation to build upon. I gathered participants of various age groups and let them customise their dashboard. This led to insights in terms of their needs and similarities:

  • All participants would like to have their applications on the right side off the screen.
  • All participants prefer a full overview map.
  • Younger participants (ranging roughly from 18 – 30) see more benefit in using applications and therefore, have a more filled screen.
A paper prototype from a dashboard

Iteration 2

During iteration 2 a high-fidelity prototype was developed, to give participants an impression of how their custom build prototype would look and feel in a digital environment. This, to test whether or not the set-up was desirable.

In terms of design there was a lot to improve. Yet in terms of functionality, I found that a lot of younger attendants had an easy time navigating through the system while driving. A lot of participants were still satisfied with the choices they made in terms of set-up, which gave me the possibility to configure a solid digital infotainment system.

A second iteration on the digital infotainment system

Iteration 3

The digital infotainment system was in need of some good visual design. Which led to a redesign based on all the insights I gathered from testing. The layout was pretty much the same, but I got rid of some apps that were considered irrelevant by the participants. The system was now narrowed to a sense of essentialism, in which safety was a central part of design. 

This design was considered to be elegant and very user friendly by participants. Even older aged participants found it easy to use, even though they said they wouldn’t use some options like making a phone call. I’ve tested the system while driving with various contestants and focused on finalising the design.

A gif to demonstrate a digital Infotainment system


The last week was dedicated to minor fixes, such as bugs and more in depth development of the system settings. 

The product is consistent with the assignment given. A lot of contestants felt safe while driving and using the digital infotainment system. This was a conformation for me that the product was successful, also all essential parts were available and found to be accessible.


Anne van Duin (UX)

Stef Wondergem (UX)

Angelique ten Hoor (UX)